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Gaia Homemade started out as a simple, family-run catering service, specializing in homemade yogurt. We are based in Bangalore, and currently expanding with an online presence to cater to more areas of Bangalore.

Most of the food we make is made fresh on order. There are no preservatives and hence need to be consumed immediately or refrigerated (to last a few days). Orders are dispatched through delivery boys by road and logistical constrains limit us to serve only Bangalore area.

We believe in quality first. All our products go through a rigorous set of checks for consistency and flavour. We have about 20+ items in the roster and rolling them out as they are ready. Check back often to discover what’s new at Gaia Homemade. Write to us if you would like to be included in the feedback list for free samples of what we’re working on. We randomly send out little surprises with your orders and love hearing back from you.

All our items are prepared fresh. The kind of creamy yogurt we make requires about 24 – 30 hours to ferment and strain. Commercial yogurt makers do not wait that long and thicken their yogurt with artificial thickeners and low quality whey powders loaded with carbs.

We use the traditional method of using gravity to strain the whey water out. So what you get is pure creamy authentic yogurt without any fillers or additives. That’s why they are so delicious. It is unfortunately a time consuming process, but, like all good things, well worth the wait.

Its also healthier because most of the whey water that’s drained off is the carb and sugar loaded residue. Just the healthy fats and proteins are retained. In commercially prepared yogurts, you consume the fattening carbs as well.

Our primary ingredient is milk, and we source the milk from reputed brands like Amul, Nandini, Arokya, Jersey, Calvin’s, etc. Other ingredients like vegetables and spices, we get them fresh from the markets.

Every evening, we go through our orders and get our required milk delivered to us the next morning through Doodhwalla. Its a reliable home delivery service for diary and essential groceries.

They also have a referral system where you can register through us and get Rs. 500 to shop milk and other items. To participate, use our referral code uwe5TJ while registering.

Sorry, unfortunately we do not. We use a one-way delivery service where a delivery agent comes up and picks the order and delivers to your address, but does not return back to us. Hence all payments are done online through our payment gateway.

Yes we do. Please get in touch with us with your requirements, and we can work out the details.

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